Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get paid for the time you spend online!

"Hey guys i have found a way in which you will earn passively without doing anything but surfing normally. At first i was not interested but then i joined because my hobby is surfing the net. Why not earn slowly while surfing the net than gaining nothing. In joining this program I have already earned just a little amount but its better than gaining nothing while surfing normally."
  • TopLine is a simple browser add-on.
  • TopLine replaces ads on the websites you visit with ads from the TopLine network.
  • Advertisers pay us, and we share that revenue with you.
  • Refer friends and be rewarded for the time they spend online too!
  • TopLine doesn't sell your personal information to spammers.

TopLine is simple.
  • TopLine is a simple browser add-on.
  • With TopLine installed you'll be rewarded for the time you spend online.
  • We replace advertisements on common websites with ads from the TopLine network

They will pay you 10$ if you reach 13,333 points. if you are a daily surfer you will reach up to 500 points daily for sure.

Redeem cash for your points. By providing your physical address or PayPal email address, TopLine will credit you for the points you've earned. 

The cash value for each point you earn is based on the point value at that time. Check the daily ticker for the most recent point value information.

Earn Cash While Browsing... Register NOW!!!!

How does it work: 
1. It's very simple you just have to join the program. 
    You can use my link as your thanks. JOIN HERE NOW!!! 
2. Install the add on in your browser

3. Click the add on and log in your account

4. Enable ads to earn points while surfing normally

5. Surf normally as you always do and don't mind the ads. It will just accumulate until you reached the minimum 13333 points and check out your earnings.